Tuesday, May 30, 2006

X-Men and OLTL - THANK YOU!!!

Well, sorry its been awhile folks! You see, thanks to my children, lately the only pieces of pop culture I have been exposed to have been cartoons and my son's iTunes collection (yes, he is five). I have also been exposed to insomnia, so I haven't been able to put together a coherent thought, let alone write this entry. However, things are looking up so hopefully things will be coming with a bit more regularity.

Anyway, I just want to give a shout out to X-Men III for broaching more than one social topic. As far as the mutants and the attempts to assimilate them, there is so much that could be said. When faced with the choice, would you chose assimilation and the end of persecution over your own identity - in fact who you are. Some do and some don't (I won't spoil that for you all) however the individual decision process for each of the characters is compelling and resonates within all of us who attempt to change who we are to "fit" into the social schema of who we should be. If I go any further into it, I will spoil some critical plot points so I won't until a later date. However, there is one scene at the "Cure Clinic" that is so clearly a smack at the people who attack abortion clinics it is scary. Watch and enjoy!

Another show I want to give a shout out to is "One Life to Live" who bravely depicted the execution of a main character by lethal injection. It showed the full process, from the sentencing, to the last words and rights, to the execution itself. Thank you Dena Higley and all involved for laying bare the lie that this in fact a "painless" way to die. The mental anguish was shown on both sides, the family of the victim as well as Todd and his family. We saw it all, from the thoughts of the characters involved to the final push of the medicine designed to stop his heart. Also, they showed one of the main reasons I am against the death penalty -can we ever be 100% sure- and in this case the alleged victim was alive. Now, as a viewer of soaps for many years, I am sure that one of the doctors in there have a magic serum that will bring Todd back from the dead and all will be right in the world. Unfortunately, we are in the real world, and dead is dead.

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