Sunday, December 03, 2006


I’ve been asked by our Illustrious Host to contribute my sober, thoughtful insights into the complex and troubling issues confronting society today based on my own profound, even – dare I say it? – life-changing experiences –

(Aw, who am I kidding? My last profound and life-changing experience involved repeated viewings of Phyllis Diller and Jack E. Leonard pitching woo in The Fat Spy. This is a dangerous waste of brain cells no appeal to pomo ironic semi-detachment can justify. And it’s not one anyone who isn’t a trained therapist would want to share. We’re not talking Josephus’s Histories here -- or even Wanda Hickey’s Night of Golden Memories.)

In conclusion....

I wish I could take credit for this last bit, but it was written by Phil Ochs for his Pleasures of the Harbor album; today, it’s more appropriate than ever and (I hate to sound corny) it gives me hope:

ah but in such an ugly time the true protest is beauty

I’ll be around….

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