Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Who's Next?

Rumsfeld, out.

Bolton, out.

Any sane administration that suffered the rebuke this administration suffered in the midterms would be scrambling to replace people, to at least put a new face on the same ol' same old.

But as we've all learned all too well, this administration is not sane. So we have a petulant trickle of resignations and replacements, so far to no effect.

Just two officials gone, both reluctantly. Even now, Rumself is probably conducting petulant questions and answers with himself ("Was I on the right track?" "I believe I was." "Is it the fault of the American people that we didn't tough it out in Iraq?" "Well, you go to war with the public support you have, not the public support you want," etc.). Meanwhile, Bolton's demented followers dream of raiding their piggy banks and penny jars to keep their favorite torture-squad-loving anti-diplomat around to show those cheese-eating surrender monkeys at the U.N. what for!

Obviously, this isn't enough to turn the tide for the Bush administration. So, who's next?

Rice would be an easy choice, but would it fool anybody? She may be the most ineffectual Secretary of State ever, ignored at home AND abroad. Getting rid of her would result in no change whatsoever in policy or implementation. (Besides, who'd be there to tell the President it's okay to go to the bathroom?)

That leaves Cheney.

As the prime mover behind every failed policy and genocidal misstep of the last 6 years, getting rid of Cheney would signal a real change in direction. It would allow the media parrots to bring out all the "new broom" cliches. It would remove the target of much of the ire of the left (now joined by the center and even some on the right). It would allow Bush to place McCain or some other fake moderate in Cheney's place.

But the Decider doesn't DO changes in direction. He doesn't admit mistakes.

Politically, it would be the smartest thing he could do.

Bush doesn't do Smart.

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