Tuesday, October 18, 2005

O'Reilly is Melting Down, Thank You Media Matters

Pundit and professional asshat Bill O'Lielly, I mean O'Reilly, has been having frequent melt downs due to his bullshit being exposed by Media Matters. His claims are getting more and more spurious as MM continues to put his back to the wall using his own transcripts.

From the October 14 broadcast of Westwood One's The Radio Factor with Bill O'Reilly:

CALLER: Hi. You know something you said on your show a lot of times about these smear merchants is that they're not fair. They never give other people a chance to respond. And I agree with you on that. Most of them don't. But there's one place that you've smeared a lot -- Media Matters. And they've tried to come on your show to defend themselves --

O'REILLY: Now Jeremy, I'm going to knock you out right now. And I'm going to address your question. OK. I have no respect for that organization. They will never set foot, not only in my program, but at Fox News Channel, because they are dishonest, inherently dishonest. They take stuff out of context, they use smear tactics. They're paid assassins by George Soros. Everything that I despise about the system, they embrace.
Paid assassins by George Soros? C'mon Bill next thing you know you'll be talking about grassy knolls and a vast Left-Wing conspiracy. Bill I think the real problem is that for the last decade you, that drug addled idiot, and baby Jeesbus have had a free ride with only liberals like Alan Colmes to "fight you". You are a typical coward. You are tough as long as no one swings back.

O'Reilly's next major melt down should occur when Al Franken's new book, Truth (with jokes), next week.

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