Wednesday, October 26, 2005


John "Assrocket" Hindraker at Powerloss:

October 25, 2005
Meanwhile, in the Real World...

"Tomorrow may bring indictments of Karl Rove and Scooter Libby on charges that can charitably be described as trivial."

Translation: Yes trivial things like perjury, conspiracy, and treason, just small matters in the uber-right's War on Brains In Order to Conquer Brown People and Steal Their Shit. Reality is too tough so once again we must turn to the warm oozing bosom of Fearless Leader Chickenhawk.

"rather than being distracted by the minutiae of the day. Good suggestion. President Bush gave another magnificent speech; here are a few highlights: (Posts Shrubs speech)
Must obfuscate reality! MOMMY! Talk to me my Lord and Shrub. At this point I picture A-rocket grabbing a cricket paddle, dressing in lederhosen, slapping himself on the ass crying:

"I'm a naughty Alpine Boy!"

"I'm a naughty Alpine Boy!"

It is rather pathetic, frankly, to compare the soaring vision of freedom that President Bush has elaborated over the past five years to the cramped, hateful hectoring the Democrats have produced during the same time.
Holy Flying Spaghetti Monster! Shrub is still on this talking point? Are the people who come to my site actually going to believe this bullshit? I know! I'll blame it on Democrats, whew I feel safe again. Time to get some more Cheetos.

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