Friday, November 04, 2005

Petition. Help The UFW.

Kettle Foods--makers of Kettle brand potato chips--buys potatoes from eastern Oregon’s Threemile Canyon Farms. Threemile Canyon Farms, in addition to being one of the world’s largest dairies, also grows thousands of acres of potatoes. Since July, the farm workers have asked Kettle Foods to add its voice to growing calls for Threemile Canyon Farms to take action over problems at the farm: harassment and intimidation of workers, large scale ammonia emissions and sexual discrimination. Kettle Farms has not returned their calls.

Kettle Foods, also a Pacific Northwest firm, has a web site that talks about “passion for our community” and its “commitment to looking for ways to help our neighbors.” Yet it refuses to even meet with the workers and discuss the abuses they endure at Threemile Canyon Farms. This is very disturbing from a company that boasts how “our efforts begin at a grassroots level.”

Kettle Food’s web site discusses “buying potatoes grown on family-owned farms in the Pacific Northwest.” Yet Threemile Canyon is a “factory farm.” It comprises 93,000 acres and operates with $20 million in state aid and ongoing annual federal subsidies of $200,000.

Please send your email to Kettle Foods today. Tell this company that sells its product worldwide that it’s time to live up to its rhetoric and make a difference for farm workers who help produce its potatoes. Kettle Foods can’t just brag about looking for ways to help its neighbor. It needs to act.

Please take action today!

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