Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Can You Spot The Enemy?

Continuing the War on Terrrah! El Presidente DeShrub bravely and very heterosexually took on a group on Al-Qaida linked Conifers!:

WaPo reports:
The president boarded the Marine One presidential helicopter before dawn on his ranch in Crawford and flew more than an hour to Randolph Air Force Base. His motorcade drove to Brooke Army Medical Center, a 224-bed hospital at nearby Fort Sam Houston, to meet with about 50 injured members of various branches of the armed forces and their families.
He gave out 9 Purple Hearts, but members of the fawning press corp took notice of the Shrub's wounded face:
The president had a two-inch scratch across the left side of his brow.

"As you can probably see I was injured myself, not here at the hospital but in combat with a cedar," Bush quipped. "I eventually won."

We stand with you Preznit Shrub! Especially when a man so steeped in military tradition and experience chooses a military hospital where real soldiers, marines, sailors, and airmen have laid it on the line for your failed policies.

What's next juggling at a military funeral?..... Oh wait! That's right, you don't go to those!

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