Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Kids Don't Do Drugs. Just Say No.

Wow! Sooooo.... Rushbo what your saying is that it ain't all that bad huh? Should we tell the troops they have it lucky? Shit they could be home with their families and fall down! Or be poisoned? Hell maybe fall down after being poisoned!! Damn guess they are lucky to be surrounded by a hostile population and be separated from their families for months and even years at a time.

Hey Rush here's some math for ya,

135,000 troops in Iraq 2300 have been killed that's a 1.07% death rate.

Now, according to the CIA World Fact Book the United States has a population of

Auto Accidents :
120,000/295,734,134=.000405 or .0405%
Falling Down: 45,000/
295,734,134=.000152 or .0152%

To be fair if I am treating the military in Iraq as a seperate statistical grouping then I should subtract their numbers form the overall US population. However the effect of doing so is negligable:

US Population (adjusted): 295,599,134
Auto Accidents: 120,000/295,599,134= .000405 or .0405%

Now here the kicker If we wanted to equate the number of deaths in Iraq to an equivalent of the US population:

US Population (adjusted) 295,599,134
Iraq Deaths %: 1.07%
295,599,134(.0107)=3,162,911 (rounded)

That's right folks to equal the casualty rate in Iraq over 3,100,000 Ameircans would have to die.

Getting the picture? Based on your shabby misuse of numbers one might be inclined to call you a....heavens forbid... A liar!

By the way , of those 12,000 drowning victims how many were from Katrina? There are still a couple thousand missing, or are they better off that they didn't die in a car accident?

Christ on a freaking crutch Rush, if you are not on the Hillbilly Heroin again maybe you should be.

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