Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Purity Police: Take Out "Good Night Show" Host.

Note to any PBS/Sprout employees, don't do any funny videos . In an effort to keep the airwaves "pure", and avoid any potential Fundie backlash the kids channel has fired host Melanie Martinez. While I kind of understand their decision PBS Kids Sprout's statement is just plain dumb.
A Notice To Parents Regarding
The Good Night Show

Late last week, Melanie Martinez, host of The Good Night Show, alerted us to the internet posting of an independent short film that she appeared in seven years ago. PBS KIDS Sprout has determined that the dialogue in this video is inappropriate for her role as a preschool program host and may undermine her character’s credibility with our audience. As a result, PBS KIDS Sprout has decided that she will no longer appear as host of The Good Night Show. Melanie has been an important part of our network and we are disappointed that we had to make this difficult decision.

PBS KIDS Sprout’s foremost priority is to do what is best for our young viewers and their families. We remain committed to The Good Night Show, which debuted last year, as a valuable tool for parents to help children wind down after a busy day. Regularly scheduled programs within The Good Night Show (e.g. Dragon Tales™, Bob The Builder™, Thomas & Friends™) will continue to air in their designated time slots with new short-form content replacing Melanie’s segments. We are developing plans to launch a new season of The Good Night Show with a new host in late 2006.

Just a question PBS/Sprout how or why would a parent let their kids watch either of the following? Really guys and gals, the woman did this SEVEN YEARS AGO. Is this the kind of lesson we want our kids to learn? With that being said, lets help save Melanie!

Call, write or e-mail PBS KIDS Sprout here:

PO Box 59269
Philadelphia, PA 19102-9997

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