Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Shorter Fred Barnes: Bad Voters! Bad! Bad! Bad!

Sometimes, people make such a bleeding idiots out of themselves that it is redundant to point out that they have made an idiot out of themselves. I will take the risk of being redundant. Media Matters has this transcript from the November 24th, Beltway Boys (insert adolescent snicker).
KONDRACKE: The United States and others think that Syria is behind this week's assassination of Lebanese cabinet member who was a vocal critic of Syria, Pierre Gemayel. He's the fifth anti-Syrian politician to be killed over the last two years in Lebanon. Well, when the United States is weak, this is -- anywhere in the world -- this is, it becomes scoundrel time. This is the assassins, the fanatics, the murderers are, the bombers are out all over the place and especially in the Middle East. This is the case in Lebanon right now.

BARNES: Well, I agree with you. You know, first there's an election in which Bush is repudiated. Then we have these studies going on that we just talked about where it is unclear what America's policy is going to be toward Iraq, and that goes for Lebanon for that matter. ...

What is readily apparent is that the meme first floated before the Glorious 7th! will be the rallying cry of the 101st Keyboard Kommandos:

The election caused the violence!
Repudiating Bush has made America weak!

Is there any greater monument to the Republicans' & Dem War Hawks, failures then the "head 'n' ass" foreign policy they rubber stamped when it rolled down Pennsylvania Avenue?

Yes there is!

These would be the calls by St. McCain, The Last Honest Man, Six Month Friedman and that seemingly immortal war criminal Kissinger for a:

Now with an equal chance of success!"

The time has come to admit, that the pooch is screwed, lit a cigarette, and hailing a cab. There is no honorable way out of this, but there is a list of those who are to blame. This list does NOT include the American public that voted on November 7th, 2006 or on any other date. This war was built on lies, half truths, and a twisted ideology, about as slick as Wolfowitz's old combs.

If Barnes still subscribes to this madness he should not project his guilt onto the American people. Its just not in good taste Fred.

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