Thursday, December 21, 2006

Bush Should Be Heard!

I happened to be home yesterday morning and watched Bush’s press conference.

Some network somewhere needs to put this on in prime time. Uncut. Now.

It’s about time the American people see what we’re really dealing with. Not tidied up in 3-second soundbites. Not filtered through some soulless right-wing mouthpiece on a cable newstainment show. Not read off a nice clean White House-approved transcript.

Because the reality is terrifying.

I don’t know if it’s drugs. Or drink. Psychosis? Depression? Maybe all of them? I don’t really care. All I know is, the man is on a par with the drunks who mutter to themselves on the subway, smelling of stale liquor and abject failure.

He sputtered. He stuttered. Babbled fragments of stale slogans. Droned on and on in long disconnected phrases that ended miles from where they began. Some of his sentences contradicted themselves before they were out of his mouth. Most made no sense. The only coherent words out of his mouth were clichés and catchphrases. He sweated. He grimaced. He whined.

Then, for no discernible reason, he bolted from the podium, with barely time to announce he was leaving.

The sad, scary fact is that there is no one in charge in the United States right now. No one sane and certainly no one competent. Everyone’s whistling past the graveyard hoping it’ll be okay: The ISG will rein him in – didn’t work. The Democrats will rein him in – sure, that’ll be the day. His daddy will rein him in – nope, Daddy’s busy crying to whoever will listen to him.

It’s about time someone showed the American people their president – the real thing, not carefully gussied-up photo op guy. ‘Cause a helluva lot more people would be shitting bricks if they knew what we’ve come to.

Add some doom-laden horror movie music and you might even have a ratings blockbuster on your hands.

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