Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Maybe Limbaugh Should Go Back On Drugs?

From Media Matters:

LANDRIEU [clip]: Bill Clinton was running the largest deficit created by the Reagan administration before him and the Bush administration before him. President Bush was running a surplus. Yet, when he had a surplus, he didn't invest it in levees and flood protection for people from Miami to Orlando to New Orleans to Biloxi [Mississippi] or to Mobile [Alabama].

LIMBAUGH: This is sad. This is what [a previous caller] was talking about. But it's just patently sad that somebody with this limited amount of understanding and knowledge is actually in the U.S. Senate. The '90s were the greatest decade, uh, for economic activity in recent years, I thought. When was the peace dividend and all the surplus? The sur -- well, that came after, uh, the Soviet Union and the -- and the, uh, and the [Berlin] Wall fell. And the Clinton administration got rid of all those big deficits. This surplus that she's talking about, there never was a surplus. It was 10-year economic forecasts. But anybody with half a brain can tell you, folks, that two things are going to happen when a government report says there's a huge surplus in the, uh, in the out years: A) Government is going to suggest raising taxes, not cutting them; and B) They're gonna spend it. And this is precisely what happened. There never was a surplus. This is a Democrat [sic] mantra talking point about how the Bush administration squandered this giant surplus left by the Clinton administration.

That's right Rush when the facts don't match your disturbed, drug addled little world....LIE!

For more of Oxi-Rush Lintballs Katrina bullshit, click here.

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