Thursday, October 20, 2005

Juvenile Mudslinging at it's finest

Well, seems someone is a little miffed he’s been out classed.

Some of you may be aware of the recent ‘Star Wars for our generation’ saga between Jack Thompson and Penny Arcade. For those not in the know go here.

For those not in the know and are too lazy to click here’s the gist: Thompson is frothing because all of his stupendously ill conceived injunctures against the video game industry have been laughed out of court. Despite his consistently inaccurate statements about the industry, thus demonstrating his utter lack of understanding of the medium, mainstream news outlets still invite him to speak.

On one such occasion he said that he would make a charitable donation if ‘a game be developed in which players urinate on peoples brains and murder kids who work at game stores’ among other situations.

Well someone did.

And of course Jack made good on his promise, being such and upstanding citizen and all.


Think again folks. According to him he was just being facetious, saying that his comments were ‘satire’ like Johnathan Swift’s modest proposal.

To have the gall to compare yourself to Swift, especially when you’re just a two bit hack shyster , takes a special type of retardation folks.

So, in steps Gabe and Tyco from Penny Arcade who donate a generous sum to a worthy cause. Does Thompson laud them for such citizenship?
No, he tries to get them arrested.
The Letter sent to the police is interesting mainly since it tries so hard to cozy up to the police by banking on their PERCIEVED hatred of the GTA series, pounding on that for 2 paragraphs. This is a dead giveaway that he knows he has no legal ground whatsoever in his complaint.
He also lowers the tone of this already ridiculous document by using the term computer geeks.

And of course there is more to this story. Yeah Gabe and Tyco may have been a nuisance, but they are within their legal rights. For a lawyer, Thompson seems to be a little foggy on his constitutional law

Jack is just frothing because he knows that the opportunity for him to make a political power play is rapidly dwindling.

‘Cause that’s all this is about folks, Jack making a splash so that he can stop chasing ambulances. He doesn’t really care about his platform. If he did he would be much better equipped to push it and would be a much more dangerous opponent. He knows that, for now, violence in video games is still controversial.

And the folks at Penny Arcade are business savvy enough to know that controversy sells soap.

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