Thursday, October 13, 2005

Thursday Cheese Blogging!

Yarg Cornish


This English cheese has a very long history tracing back to the 17th century. It is made from cow's milk and usually has a round shape. The cheese is produced by Michael Horrel of Lynher Dairies. This cheese matures in ten to fifteen weeks and during this period of time the interior softens and the taste changes, reminding meadow flowers and creamed spinach. Other cheeses produced by Michael Horrel, include Cornish Pepper and Cornish Herb.




cow milk




Michael Horrel

For More On The Horrel's and their lovely Cornish Cheeses click here.

Netherton Farm is part of the Duchy of Cornwall Estate and has been home to Mike and Margaret Horrell since the 1960s. The farm has always been principally a dairy farm and twenty years ago it was suggested by the Duchy Estate that the Horrells should consider adding value to their milk by making cheese.

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