Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Someone Willing To Set A Date!

Leading in the Polls

A new poll by Zogby Interactive shows that Patty continues to lead Republican candidate Rep. Mark Kennedy.
48.1% - Patty Wetterling
44.9% - Mark Kennedy

[Source: Zogby Interactive] Patty has maintained a lead throughout this entire race, with other polling data showing her leading Kennedy by nine points!

Left Handed Compliment endorses the candidacy of Patty Wetterling (MN-D) for Senate.


Wetterling First Senate Candidate in Nation to Call for Troop Withdrawal Date: Home by Thanksgiving 2006

Recently, I've been thinking a lot about some numbers:
  • 1,400 empty-handed weapons inspectors.
  • Almost 2,000 American lives lost.
  • Almost $200 billion spent.
  • 150,000 soldiers still in Iraq.
  • 0 plans to bring an end to it all.
The war in Iraq is costing this country and Minnesota in lives, treasure, and opportunity, and we can no longer afford to continue down the path we're on. Today I am calling for the Administration to end our involvement in Iraq by Thanksgiving 2006 and prepare for the return of our brave men and women by launching a new generation of programs to honor their service.

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