Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Why I Love Being A Dad.

With the elections last night putting me in a pretty good mood. I decided my first post would NOT be about politics.

Last night I sat my three year old daughter down for a night o' movies. Daddy occasionally picks new things for her to watch. Let's face it, movie viewing with a three year old borders on a Geneva Convention violation. How many times can one man be forced to view Monsters, Inc. Don't get me wrong, I adore Monsters' Inc. I believe it is one of the best Disney/Pixar collaborations, however I should not be able to quote the entire script.

Anyway, I cued up favorite Henson production, The Dark Crystal. I knew I was taking a chance because it is a bit on the dark side. I figured if she loved Spirited Away and a Nature special about sharks, The Dark Crystal should be no problem.

Well, I was partially right.

We were a good forty-five minutes into the flick, my daughters eyes were wide with fascination. I was beaming with pride. YES! SCORE! Then came the call of "MONSTER!" I gave my wife a glance to see what her expression was. I knew this might be the sinking of my Sci-Fi/Fantasy viewing for the night.

It was, but one wrinkle remained. My daughter marched over to her toy drum set (no I did not buy it for her, I'm may be crazy but I am not nuts.) and grabbed one of the plastic drumsticks. She walked over to the TV and smacked the tube with the stick

"Don't worry mommy I protect you!"

Once my wife and I were able to stop laughing we took off the Dark Crystal and put on her favorite Nature special. Its about sharks, which for some reason do not scare her.

"I love being a dad!"

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