Friday, March 31, 2006

Kooky Kaloogian The Gift That Just Keeps On Giving

Well it seems that Kaloogian just can't seem to get out of the picture flap. Following typical GOP procedure he blames someone else. Joshua Micah Marshall has a great editorial on this over at TPM.

The San Francisco Chronicle's Carla Marinucci, article serves as a fitting post-mortem for this disgraceful, and tasteless so called "mistake". Some highlights or lowlights your choice:

First we start with the contrite apology:
"It was wrong. We're sorry,
Good confession is good for the soul, and of course lemon is great with sole, but does our Koogie stop there? NOPE! NOW SPIN BABY! SPIN! Could someone cue up "You Spin Me (Right) 'Round". Thank You!

Kaloogian and his campaign strategist, Sal Russo, confirmed Wednesday what the bloggers alleged -- that the photo was taken in Turkey -- though they insisted it was an honest mistake.

The candidate said he hadn't recognized the error because "the military asked us to use our discretion and put things on the Internet that were nondescriptive ... (because) if we posted something that was easily identifiable, it could be a target."

Soooo... Koogie, baby we understand its the military's fault, right? The very troops you supposedly went to Iraq to support. Nice.

And of course his deception:
"doesn't change (his) message ... that good things are happening in Baghdad that you're not reading about in the daily papers.''
Who do we thank for helping to expose this?

Markos Moulitsas, the Berkeley-based founder of the Daily Kos, wrote in an e-mail to The Chronicle: "That this photo was recognized as a fake was amazing. That someone actually tracked down another photo of that very street corner in an obscure suburb of Istanbul, Turkey, is downright mind-boggling.

"The political landscape changes dramatically when you have hundreds of thousands of people doing real-time research into campaigns and candidates,'' Moulitsas said. "In years past, people would've taken Kaloogian at his word that the photo in an e-mail was from Baghdad."
Hey California 50, HAD ENOUGH? Fellow Progressives, and any American who cares about honest government, lets put our time and money where our mouth is support Francine Busby!

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