Friday, April 28, 2006

Friday Snarky Shabbat Shalom!

Bush and Democrats Disagree As To How To Solve The Energy Issue
Bush says he should get control and raise efficiency standards. Bush wants control of an environmental issue/way to lower oil prices. Do the words shoot me now mean anything to you?

The Iranian Question Comes To Head As Report Comes Down
This is really bothering me, since it seems that we are going down the Iraq road again and no one wants to learn anything! If anything, to divert us from the first mistake we are getting led to the same one a second time. How about Bush tries running THIS country rather than the Middle East. Oh wait! I forgot! He's the decider.

Sago Miner Survivor Speaks: Air Packs Failed
Do not read this if you are a weepy person. My eye make-up barely made it to the third paragraph. Sob

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