Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Tuesday Snark Report - The It's My Birthday Edition

From CNN.com

Longtime Immigrants Should Be Allowed To Stay - Recent Arrivals Should Be Deported
77% of Americans feel long time illegals should be given amnesty. Quick question, who is deciding how long is longtime? Is it twenty years, ten, five? Pick a number?? This is just a little strange.

Iran's Chief Negotiator Says His Country May Stop Cooperating With UN IF Sanctions Are Applied
Okay, if any of these guys look around they will see they are in a handbasket with a Southern destination. Please! NO MORE!

Terrorist Attack In Egypt May Have Not Been Caused By Suicide Bombers
Okay, pretty dismal and I cringe over that child who was killed, but on the up side the article describes a level of cooperation between the Egyptians and Israelis that I have not heard in a long time.

Bush Orders Probe Into High Price of Gasoline
I would like to be kind and say that this has NOTHING to do with the recent rock bottom popularity polls for Dubya as well as the Republican Congress worrying about re-election. However, I can't.

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