Sunday, April 02, 2006

Good News From Florida

The Washington Post's Chris Cillizza reports that all is not well in the Katherine Harris senatorial campaign. This would be above and beyond Harris's being a kook, whose own party wasn't thrilled that she decided to run. Well even with her Rocky like pronouncement (Think Rocky 4-5 not any of the good ones) to put it "all on the line" it looks like it might be the end of the line.
Harris Campaign Leaking Staff
3 More Aides Reportedly Planning to Quit Republican's Team
Special to The Washington Post
Sunday, April 2, 2006; Page A04

After pledging to personally donate $10 million to save her sagging Senate candidacy in Florida, Rep. Katherine Harris (R) is suffering a staff revolt -- the latest development in a political meltdown that had GOP operatives yesterday questioning whether she will be able to maintain a viable candidacy.

The Orlando Sentinel reported that lead strategist Ed Rollins, campaign manager Jamie Miller and spokeswoman Morgan Dobbs are planning to quit, adding their names to a long list of aides and political professionals who have abandoned Harris in recent days.

Brenden Farrington in that Sentinel article quotes her former campaign manager, who jumped off this sinking tub in November:

"She had the best people in the country," he said. "She can't get any better than that. This is a campaign that is spiraling downward by the minute, and the smartest thing for her to do would be to get out of the race." "Katherine's trying to run it and a candidate can't run her own campaign. It's foolish for her to try,"

Beyond her her public protestations to the opposite her prospects of unseating Bill Nelson are dwindling fast. Well, she could have other employment if this video from Hannity and Colmes is any indication. Alright Kathy! SHAKE 'EM YOU WON'T BREAK 'EM! Christ I hope Hannity dried his seat after this.... (Link goes to C&L).

If you are looking to drive one of the final nails into this campaigns coffin, if you want to help stick a fork in this turkey and call it done, well stroll on over to our ACT BLUE page, scroll down and show Senator Bill Nelson some love! Hell, spread the joy to any and all of the fine candidates listed!

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