Monday, April 17, 2006

Monday Snark Report


Iran Pledges $50 Million Dollars To Palestinian Authority
Well now if their line in the sand doesn't blur the Western World's line in the sand I don't know what does.

At Least Six Dead From Sucide Bomb Attack In Tel Aviv
Just a little note - even though it was not Hamas but Islamic Jihad that claimed responsibility for the attack it seems most major news outlets are putting this article immediately before or after the one above. Paranoid much?

Suspect Blogged About Cannibalism
Here is where places like MySpace really need to monitor their members a bit. This man was blogging about cannibalism, discussing the effects of not taking his psych meds, and basically mentioned that his fantasies would get him into serious trouble. Oddly enough, he has all his correct contact info at the blog site - he could have been stopped and caught. Is this cyberspace or the Wild West.

Aruba Official: Arrest Made In the Case Of Holloway Murder
Says no info has been given as to who was arrested and that the media and natives have no idea who. Boy, I am just brimming with confidence on this one!

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