Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Wednesday Headlines!

Flight 93 Tapes Played At Moussaoui Trial
I wonder what will damn him more - the emotions of the jurors listening to the tape or his lack of emotion listening to it. Just a note, if he really wants to save his own skin maybe trembling a lip listening to people who are about to die MAY HELP! I don't know if he should get the death penalty for murder or stupidity.

Iraqis Debate Leadership As Violence Continues
This really is sad. Although I did not believe it even as he said it, I WANTED to believe in Bush's projections for Iraq - I really did. Kind of like how a child wants to believe in Santa. Unfortunately, both are myths made to entertain. This is just going to get ugly!

Gas Prices Will Continue To Soar This Summer
Hey - if turning a blind eye to this is what a little hand holding with Bush will get you imagine if they did the ole slap and tickle??

GOP Backs Off Felony Clause In New Immigration Policy
Hey, good morning sunshines! Did the news broadcasts of the protests jog your brains their fellas!


Berlusconi Refuses to Accept Defeat
Oh, what I shock! Problems and hot-headedness in Italian government. By the way Berlusconi, did the fact that your people have been voicing their displeasure at your Pro-Bush stances ever register in your mind?

Russia Joins Voices Urging Iran To Back-Off Enrichment
Ummm...Iran? When you have all the major powers agreeing to something two things are happening: 1) The apocolypse OR 2) Maybe you should listen.

Japanese Princess Goes To Kindergarden
Let's hope she behaves - would YOU want to be the teacher who has to call up the royal family because she's being naughty? Didn't think so

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