Monday, April 24, 2006

Monday Snark Report


Iran Says Nuclear Program Is For Civilian Use And Is Irreversible
I really think this whole thing could be resolved a lot more quickly if all involved were actually TALKING instead of rattling sabers at one another. Really, IF Iran is pursuing a clean source of energy and trying to bring its people into the modern era isn't this what we want for the Middle East? Yeesh!

Phone Call Tape Indicts Saddam In Attacks On Shiite Civilians
Once again, should I have been seated for this? Even those of us who do not think we belong in Iraq are not exactly going to start a choir singing Hussein's praised.

Chernobyl Effects Felt 20 Years Later
Very sad, sad story. Many are dying of cancer now, and the effects will still keep mounting. Perhaps Iran should take a look at this before they pursue a nuclear program.

Ex-CIA Official: Bush Administration Ignored Intelligence That Indicated Iraq Did Not Have WMD
Oh no! Don't tell me "The Decider" ignored really important evidence in making decision which effected, as wekk as ended, thousands of lives. No....say it ain't so!

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