Friday, April 21, 2006

Eternal hope springs within a damned town

Welcome back blogger babies, your freaky friend doubtful reason here once again with a snakey sneaky look at the newest disturbing & distraughtfull horror hack on the block, Silent Hill.

Let's dispense with the crypt keeper motif for the time being (god i miss him!)to say that it has been a long, long time since I've been this excited to see a movie.

Last time i was this giddy was the lead up to 'The fellowship Of The Ring' and to a lesser extent for 'King Kong' as well.

The double whammy of the deplorable state of so called 'Horror' movies recently (*cough* hostel *cough) and even sadder state of video game adaptations ( makes Silent Hill A possible Double Delight of Delicious Devilry if director Christopher Gans can make good on all his promises.

Visit the websight here
Read the Director Blog here
And learn about the game series here

check back here this weekend for a full review. Untill then, keep it cool boppers.

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