Saturday, April 29, 2006

Saturday's Snark Fest


Al-Qaeda Claims Western Forces Broken In Iraq
The guy has a point that this is not going all that well, but he is praising the people who are currently also blowing fellow Iraqis and Muslims. I am not for the war, but spouting garbage like this from a secure hiding place is pretty low.

Iran Says UN Checks Can Resume If Case Is Dropped
Two things shocked me about this. One, a reasonable solution was offered. Two, everyone spoke like intelligent adults. Gotta love the weekend.

Bush Says The Star-Spangled Banner Should Be Sung Exclusively In English
Hey Bush - have you been to a school lately. If they sung it in another language at least there would be an excuse for them to screw it up!

And now...for the story of the week
Rush Limbaugh Arrested Again For Drugs
For me, this case basically shows what is wrong with the conservative right to begin with. First off, Rush Limbaugh is a man who needs serious help. Serious. Just because I do not agree with his politics a drug addiction is something I wish on no one, although it does help explain some of his views. However, the idea of him not facing the music, a man who preaches to America and is followed as an idol by some who can only absorb his regurgitated news is scary in that a man who is unstable has gotten back his microphone and pulpit. In short, as long as you preach what we want you can do what you want, even if that kills you.

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