Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Wednesday Snark Report


Bush Adamantly Defends Decision To Keep Rumsfeld - Calls Himself the "Decider"
That's our president - ignore common sense and basic English vocabulary in the same sentence. Can this man multi-task or what??

Hu Jintao, China's Leader, Begins Visit to the US - Tries To Allay US Fears Over Trade Deficit With China
Hey! Why did he meet with Bill Gates first? Doesn't he know that Bush is the decider?

Passengers Rescued From NYC Roosevelt Island Tram
Last night on the local news they were communicating with some of the people stranded via cellphone, who were just starting to receive supplies at 10:00 PM after being stranded since 5:00 PM. Just want to say I have a lot of respect for the victims, since many of us would have been screaming and getting whacky. They kept it cool - even with two babies on board.

Third Suspect May Be Indicted In Duke University Rape
Just a note to the defense attorney - ATM receipts mean NOTHING if your client's DNA is shown. This was a long term attack, meaning he could have gone to the ATM machine and had gone back.


Evidence That Saddam Did Sign Death Warrants
Ummm...should I have been sitting for this?

Nigeria's Leader Offers A Boost to The Delta
Here's hoping Obasanjo is a man of his word, or else this is just going to get worse. The only thing worse for a country's stability than militants are militants with no jobs, futures or prospects.

Mexico Slams Georgia's Migrant Worker Law
Thank you Georgia for helping the situation (Insert eye-roll here). I have to wonder why the Mexicans are the ones getting targeted - you know the LARGEST group of illegal immigrants in the US. It's a tie - Canadians and Irish. Yup! You got that right, the Mexicans are not the biggest problem if you consider illegal immigration a huge problem. However, I guess they are too brown for some people.

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