Friday, May 26, 2006

A Busy Busy Thursday

Between work and just watching the news role in, it was very hard to keep up. Wound up hanging out over at Escahton simply because I had no time to post anything myself. A general round up of yesterdays events, note links are in white.:

1) The Enron bastards will be sent up the river. Shrub may say he don't know Lay but the pictures and letters say different. Ken Lay Slept Here builds a history of this, sack of parasitic vulture guano.

2) Veep Dick "F-off or I'll shoot you in the face"Cheney may be called into testify in the Libby case. Sawed off punk bastard Novak might be up a creek as well.

3) The Iraqi disaster continues to crumble leading to the Laurel and Hardy Summit. Meanwhile somewhere in the mountains of Shrub's screwups, The Taliban is on the rise in Afghanistan

4) Speaker of the house Denny "Big Breakfast" Hastert is apparently under investigation.

5) Frist operates on gorillas in his spare time and apparently smells of ape testostorone.

6) For some strange reason, with all of that going on, The New York Times and Chris "Tweety" Matthews are really interested in how often the Clintons screw.

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