Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Another Compelling O'Reilly Interview!

Usually, only one side of a conversation elicits a WTF? but not when you have the linguistic capabilities of The Loofa and Rummy the Mummy together in one studio!
Once again Media Matters is on the case:
O'REILLY: Why do you think the left in this country is so anti-Iraq war? Why? Is it just the hatred of the president? Or is -- do they see another pathway to fighting Al Qaeda?
Yes Bill we do. It is s called ACTUALLY FIGHTING AL QAEDA! Not detouring 135,000 troops and hundreds of billions of dollars to fight a country that had nothing to do with 9/11!
RUMSFELD: This is not new. There has always been controversy.

O'REILLY: But why?

RUMSFELD: Wars are unpopular.

You really need someone to answer this for you Bill?
RUMSFELD: They're bloody, horrible things. They're terrible things.
Three words: WAR OF CHOICE.
O'REILLY: But, these are Americans, too. I mean, David Letterman's an American.

Damn! Great! I am soooo happy we got Letterman's citizenship status out of the way here. I am sure Dave's relieved he is not illegal
O'REILLY: OK? And he -- I go on to his program. And he goes, "What are we doing in Iraq anyway?"

Wow! Thanks Rummsy I thought it was just me. Just a bit scary that you agree that you have no idea why we are in Iraq
O'REILLY: OK? So why, in your opinion -- you're a smart guy. You see this stuff every day. You get a clip file. Why does a guy like David Letterman think this whole Iraq thing is some kind of corrupt, ridiculous adventure?
Let's see Bill, the war so far has cost over $282,931,000,000. Halliburton and its subsidiary KBR have both been caught bilking the armed forces for hundreds of millions of dollars. Over 8 billion disappeared under US Viceroy Paul Bremmer. We have lost over 2,400 soldiers and tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians are dead with no perceivable gains made. Gee why would some one question the war.
RUMSFELD: Yeah. Well, it isn't. And it is serious business. And the --

O'REILLY: But have you ever analyzed why he thinks that way?

RUMSFELD: Well, no. I don't know him as you do. But the fact of the matter is, we've got 300 million people in our country almost. And there has never been a war where there hasn't been controversy, where there haven't been a lot of people against it and a lot of people for it. It's -- there's nothing new about this. The shrillness of it is always unfortunate because it doesn't elevate the national dialogue on what is enormously important.
Jesbus! At some point I would love to here this guy say one thing that makes sense, or comes remotely close to answering a question.

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