Friday, May 19, 2006

It's Another Friday Snark Report


Mexico and Latin American Countries Condemn the U.S. Wall

Oh guys! Come on! We'll even let you come to Home Depot and pick it out!

This wall is one of the dumber things I have heard of in a good long time. Look at the Great Wall of China and look at Chinatown in any major city - it does not work for immigration control. Bush, please remember one thing - you have boys in the Middle East dying and NOW is not the time to redecorate. Nor is it the time to be spending the money!

N.Korea May Have Missile That Can Hit U.S.

Ummm...this is going on and Bush is preoccupied with a wall? Yes, those immigrants are looking scarier and scarier.

Rep. Murtha: At Least 30 Iraqis Killed By Marines In Cold Blood

It seems the Marines were looking for the Insurgents who set the roadside bomb that killed one of their men. Chilling.

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