Saturday, May 06, 2006

Saturday Snarky Round-Up

Helicopter Being Downed In Iraq Sparks Cheers and Attacks

Okay, I am firmly expecting to be smacked for this one (Hey Virgil, Doubtful - I mean you two ;) ! ), however after today I am certain that we cannot leave Iraq anytime soon. Believe me, I want them home, but I look at this story and all I can think is what has this country done?

What did we do? Yes, Saddam Hussein was a meglomaniacal idiot - but he was also a stabilizing factor in his country. Now, the dams have been let loose and every idiot with a cause jonesing to meet Allah is ready to strap a bomb on him to kill the Devils from the West. Who ultimately pays - our boys and the Iraqi people. If we just walk away, then not only have we destabilized the country, but we have also signed their warrant because once we leave it now becomes the "Wild Wild Middle East". Unfortunately, the answers are not easy and MR. Decider in the White House has become at best silent and at worst more stupid than normal.

On a lighter note - I am not sure how I feel about Moussaoui's sentence. Part of me, the vengeful part, wanted him killed. And then I realized, he would receive a punishment that allowed him to peacefully drift to sleep. Life imprisonment is just so much better. However, may I suggest instead of solitary put him in general population for one day.

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