Friday, May 05, 2006

La Oficial Snark Report de Cinco de Mayo!

Sudan Accepts Darfur Peace Deal
Probably some of the best news I have heard all week. Only thing, look at the pictures from the conference - are those some of the best dressed rebels you have ever seen or what??

Annan Wants UN To Arbitrate Direct Talks Between The US and Iran
Directly discuss things with another power before threatening violence. Now, why would we do that?? Considering that the Iranians are only enriching uranium at the level needed for power, and would have to increase enrichment by 86% to hit nuclear weapontry, it seems that this may not be hopeless. Unfortunately, this is now in the hands of the current administration - shudder.

New Orleans Residents Want City Draining Pumps Repaired or Replaced Before Hurricane Season
Yoo-Hooo! Ohhhhh Decider! Want to make this decision before the people of New Orleans are walking their goldfish again??

Judge Gets Final Word In Moussaoui Sentencing
This guy makes me feel bad for any true Muslims, kind of like I felt for my fellow Catholics when the radicals were out bombing abortion clinics. The name of the religion, Islam, means peace - not grabbing airplanes to mass murder and then taunt the families of the victims. He is not the true face of Islam, he is the face of a true idiot.

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