Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Happy Birthday To Little Damien Thorn!

Hey Happy Birthday Kid!

Sure your the scion of all that is evil, but there is no reason not to celebrate! Your a kid! Enjoy it. One day you will grow up and attempt to lead nation against nation and then apparently open a tattoo parlor to inscribe on our foreheads your number, but hell tattoos are all the rage these days. Preferably I would like number 15, I am a long time Yankee fan so if you are taking requests put me down for that one.

If we have to go the 666 route could we go with an Arial font or possibly Verdana, seriously Times New Roman is so played out. Well any way sport, you just enjoy that lil' scooter of yours, and pet your mom she is such a nice doggie.

Good luck on your ascent to power, unfortunately unlike the previous Damien you will not grow up to be Sam Neil, but hey who does. Maybe they can get Clive Owen?

Oh one more thing, don't want to be a pest but when the De Raptya does come, take it easy on the cars, my fundie neighbor, who assures me they are being taken into heaven body and soul, has a new Lexus I have my eye on. S'okay? Thanks kid.

Good luck with the whole taking over the world thing, and watch out for fanatic priests holding knives.

Peace Out.

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