Friday, June 02, 2006

TGIF Snark-o-Rama


Exxon Balks At Paying More For Oil Spill
Exxon claims that the oil left cannot hurt a species. Sorry guys, maybe the flora and fauna off the Prince William Sound just isn't used to being as slick and greasy as Oil Executives. Still, I don't take it as anything personal the industry has against the environment. As someone who just filled up her mini-van I can say humans are also a target!

Bush Calls For Compromise In the Immigration Issue
Hey compromise! That's a good idea (the breakdown of the legislation is pretty good - read it) why don't you try it with......

Gay Marriage May Be Constitutionally Banned
Yes - I guess that its better to be an illegal than gay in Bush's world - but hey! Don't get too upset guys, because if you live in the midwest your life is worth more than a New Yorker's which brings me to.....

New York and Washington, D.C. Get Slashes in Homeland Security Budget
Yup, they promised to spend the money more intelligently, and for their first trick they decide to CUT THE MONEY TO THE PLACES THAT GOT ATTACKED AND ARE STILL PRIME TARGETS! Lovely.

O This morning I watched my son and the other children on the block walking to school, a New York City School similar to one that the terrorists have the plans of (notice they only got NYC School plans - HELLO THERE HOMELAND SECURITY) and I thought to myself of how much these children are worth. They are the future - they are our hopes - and to Homeland Security they have a running price tag of $1.33. There is something very wrong in this world when partisan politics decide how safe our children are, and to me this is the best case scenario because the alternative is to believe they used a spinner to decide the budget!

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