Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Rushbo Sex Show?

Pissed on Politcs and a commentor there have brought up a very interesting points:

Kenny's Bunk Port asks the musical question:
Why would a giant douche take Viagra to the Dominican Republic?
A sex vacation perhaps?
He took the Viagra with him to the Dominican.
The prescription was written in Florida.
With that said why would Kenny go in that direction, especially with a paragon of Chrisatian virtue like Rush??? Pollshifter informs us that:
Common sense dictates however that if you go on vacation and make sure to pack your Viagra, something is going to happen involving sex either with yourself or someone else.

The question is, where did Rush go?

I'm guessing Sinsation was his destination. (PARENTAL WARNING!)

Although Rush is kind of a dirty bastard so he may have preferred Black Beard's Adult Resort.(PARENTAL WARNING!)
A commentor at Pissed on Politcs disagreed, in part, about Rush's intentions while in the Dominican Republic:
telly belly said...
If you think Rush was looking for under-aged girls in the DR, well, you are half-right...
I think I will go throw up now.

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