Friday, June 23, 2006

What is Flag Desecration

Of all the useless issues Republicans pull out of their backsides for election time, this is the most idiotic of them all. The biggest problem is defining what actually constitutes flag desecration. Here are some examples:

The major problem with this flag display is the shape. No not her shape! The heart shaped representation is obviously wrong. The flag of the United States is rectangular and, to be considered official, must be sewn to certain proportions.

In this shot the problem may not be as obvious. Look at the stars, see there are too many. While many obsolete flags have varrying numbers of stars they always matched the number of states in the Union.

For exam
ple in this picture we have a major no-no. The union is on the wrong side thus the flag is upside down indicating a state of siege. The flag on the bottom does not suffer from this problem.

In this display the stripes are no where to be seen. This may qualify as a bunting; but certainly not as a flag young lady!

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