Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Heelllooooo Hump Day Snark Report

White House Says Haditha Report Will Be Made Public
Look, I cannot defend the men who did this massacre because it was terrible and unprovoked - a total anathema to what the military is supposed to be doing there. Yet, oh Great Decider, did anyone ever think that when you send a bunch of poorly trained guys to a country where they are not wanted and deny them basic supplies mentally they just might snap? The men who did this deserve to pay, and I am not mounting a defense for the indefensible, but this is not only an indictment of them - the upper eschalons of the military should look at this and change things because the blood of Haditha is on their hands also.

Federal Government Wants Access To Internet Customer Information
"Hello! You've Got Spies!"

Quake Toll In Indonesia Rises As More Aid Arrives
I do believe in God, but every once in awhile I think the Big Guy steps out for a smoke. Yeesh!

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