Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Was This Really Necessary?

First off I am not a purveyor or probably the first person you would ask about pop culture. Shit when I was younger I was probably the wrong person to ask. but Jesbus Christmas man!

What the fig newton does Disney do to its child stars that makes them turn out like this:(For more)

Don't get me wrong I think pregnant woman are beautiful and DAMN sexy, but Crust on a Cheezit! Britany has tongue wrestled Madonna, droping kids like flies (take that how ya like, and now doing a Demi Moore.

Christina seems to be caught in a sado-masochistic rage that she takes out on the world by simply getting dressed! Then there is lovely Ann Hathaway who to dispense with her Disney image is showing her tits everywhere see Havocor or Brokeback Mountain. Oh and Justin Timberlake, outside of coping a feel of Janet a few years back, seems to be perfecting the street urchin/heroin bag man look.

Jus Sayin'

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