Thursday, July 13, 2006

Krug-Mondavi winery fires all UFW

workers despite state complaint

Napa Valley vineyard workers at Charles Krug winery--operated for generations by the Peter Mondavi family--need your help. On Friday, all 36 workers were fired just after the state Agricultural Labor Relations Board told the winery it was filing a formal complaint against the winery. The ALRB complaint will allege Krug-Mondavi has no right to refuse to bargain with its vineyard workers over renewing their UFW contract and has no right to fire the workers.

Thirty-three-year company veteran worker Jorge De Haro describes the situation:

Our contract between the United Farm Workers and Charles Krug-Mondavi expired and the company has refused to return to the bargaining table to re-negotiate an agreement.

On July 7, the company fired me and all of my co-workers...This occurred despite the fact the company had been notified by the Agricultural Labor Relations Board that are investigating the companies’ decision to replace us with a land management company. [This was after the state of California said it would issue its complaint alleging Krug-Mondavi broke the law.]

Krug-Mondavi does not care about its workers nor do they seem to be worried about what the law says.

Thousands of you have already sent messages to Krug-Mondavi telling the company you support the vineyard workers’ boycott of all Krug-Mondavi products. Now we ask that you e-mail the company again and express your distress that it has firied all its workers and is ignoring the ALRB’s complaint over Krug-Mondavi's violations of the law. Let the company know that you will spread word far and wide about the workers' boycott of Krug-Mondavi wines. Help these workers save their jobs. Send your e-mail TODAY. Tell the company to immediately rescind its decision to fire union workers and instead engage in good faith bargaining.

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