Thursday, July 06, 2006

Insufferable Ass!

Media Matter has full transcript, here

It will come as no surprise that Asshat of the year nominee Glenn "Please Cancel Me" Beck would say something like this. Imagine Bill O'Reilly giving a good falafeling (sic) to mAnn Coulter and this partial brain abortion named Glenn Beck would be the result. What the hell did CNN give this guy a show for again? OOOOOH that's right its the liberal media conspiracy.

BECK: All right, so she's got this crappy book deal, she got that. And that's, you know, everybody's -- she gets to meet [actors] Susan Sarandon and Martin Sheen, which has got to be a dream come true. And here's the interesting thing: After all of that happens, the war is still going on, and I think that that is -- that's a testament to Cindy Sheehan -- it is -- and all that she can accomplish. You know, now that I've exposed the overall limpness of the Cindy Sheehan movement, which is not exactly the Viagra that people were hoping for -- that were carrying peace signs and flowers -- but I feel it's necessary, and this is really not as much -- well, it is necessary strictly for your amusement.
What is the right's obsession with Viagra all of a sudden? Jeez first Bob Dole, well that I understand, I have seen pictures of Libby. Then Rushbo gets nabbed after coming back from sex club capital of the world, and now Beck. Guys try oysters, chocolate, or maybe stop being such self righteous, mean spirited pricks and you might be able to get it up.
This is for entertainment purposes only. I feel it is important to tell you about the latest horrible PR stunt from Cindy Sheehan. Again, just for entertainment purposes. Cindy Sheehan, the "tragedy pimp," as we like to call her, is going on a hunger strike. Surprisingly, they're not doing this because they, you know, want to follow a book deal, they actually think that the press is not covering the true cost of war, and that's why she's going on a hunger strike. She's practically Gandhi in a pantsuit.
Yes, a mother's tragedy is the high point of comedy Beck. There are over 2500 families just belly laughing right now. Asshat.

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