Thursday, August 24, 2006


From Majority Report Radio's Blog:
Thank You

We recieved nearly 14,000 emails of support which I think had a big hand in keeping me on AAR. Thanks to the folks at the NET who generated thousands of emails from thier legions of activists. Thanks also to the dailykos and Atrios and Liberaloasis and crooksandliars and all the bloggers out there who helped spread the word.

announcement on the flip!

That is what they call in the radio business a tease. Sorry, couldn't help myself. I will be moving to the network 9a-12p slot starting sometime in mid september. They're still working out the details of the launch.

Don't know what the show will be called as of yet. There is desire form the network for me to call it the Sam Seder Program or show or something like that-- supposedly it's a branding issue or some other crap. I am not terribly comfortable naming a show after myself because it bores me in one sense and probably because of deep seeded psychological issues. But more specifically, I am very attatched to the name Majority Report. It's what the first prototype of this show was called on one night in Feb. 2003 when Tom Scharpling gave me two hours on his Best Show on FMU. It has a two and a half year history which I shared with Janeane. Most importantly, I now associate it with you, our listeners and particularly our bloggers. So with all that said, we'll see... but, and I bold this so there is no doubts this blog will remain.

We're beginning to develop ideas for the new show- I don't think it will be radically different and any new developments that we make we will roll in. That said I do have a couple of surprises in mind.

I will give more updates later, but now I am on vacation! Thanks again for all your support and I won't let you guys down.
Sam is one of the rising stars of the netwok, truly intelligent, insightful, and funny. Kudos Sam, we'll be listening.

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