Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Coda: Afghanistan

TPMmuckraker has a great post about life in the spec-ops unit of bin-Laden hunters.

Although I feel this particular quote Justin Rood uses from Robert Young Pelton's "Licensed to Kill". The quote is from a spec-ops seargent who for obvious reasons remained anonymous.
"We got hit pretty bad two weeks ago," he tells me, adjusting his dirty Jack Daniel's cap. "Six guys in our unit got Purple Hearts. They [the ambushers] were waiting for us--knew exactly where we were. . . . The Pakistanis watched the whole thing and did nothing."

He points to a spot a little over a mile away. "They fire rockets right from that hill on the Pak side. We meet with the Pak officials every month on the border. . . . They smile. We smile. They bullshit us and we bullshit them. Then they watch us get attacked without lifting a finger. This place is fucked." I ask him if the men who attacked him were Taliban, Pakistanis, or Arabs. He looks up at me, squints in the sun, and spits again for effect, admitting, "I have no fucking idea who we are fighting."

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