Thursday, November 30, 2006

How sweet it was

It's with a whole heaping handfull of sadness that i pass along the news to anyone who did not already know: Astroland park, the center and soul of historic Coneuy Island has been sold, and will close for good in 2007, ending a tradition that ahs spanned generations.

The park will be leveled to make way for a year round resort, most likely consisting mainly of shops.

What really saddens me in all this is the knowledge that (most likely), despite all his passion and dedication, Todd Robbins side show by the shore will forever close its doors. They were having issues making rent as it was. This is just the final nail in the coffin. One of my most vivid and loved memories of my father were the few times we had visited the sideshow, and i looked foward to eventually bringing my own family there one day. Oh, as they say, well.

Go see the cyclone, say goodbye to the wonderwheel and Mr. Robbins, it seems that no one will be amazed in coney island anymore.

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