Friday, December 22, 2006

BIG Football Weekend!

Okay the juices are flowing, Christmas is upon us and so is Week 15 of the NFL! Big weekend as some teams will grasp the gauntlet of a playoff berth while others will find only coal in their stockings.

These picks are purely for fun, I do not bet on football nor do I pick against or with a spread (not even a nice port wine chedder). These are strictly win/lose.
8 PM Tonight
Chiefs (7-7) vs Raiders (2-12)
The Ray-dahs! suck this year, badly. The Chiefs have defined inconsistency. Look for Green to light up Oakland's piss poor defense and keep their playoff hopes alive.

Sunday 1PM
Panthers (6-8) vs Falcons (7-7)
For all his talent Vick has the worst receiving corp in the league. This forces Vick to run to much and since he holds a ball like a two year old holds a doll, watch the Panthers finish off the ATL's playoff chances.

Giants (7-7) vs Saints (9-5)
This pick might have me locked out of the house this weekend. My wife's beloved Gints takes on the Saints. Here's the keys to this game: Brees, Bush, and DEUUUUUCE! Giants make for a great soap opera but they fall off heartbreak ridge this Sunday. Saints make it look easy as Giants finally crumble.

Titans (7-7) vs Bills (7-7)
Since starting the season 0-5 Tennessee has gone 7-2. Rookie QB Young has shown poise as much as he has shown a propensity for rookie mistakes. However that is more than the Bills have got. Titans continue to march forward.

Bucs (3-11) vs Brown (4-10)
Dear Lord who cares. Okay I'll flip a coin. Browns.

Bears(12-2) vs Lions (2-12)
Another "does it really matter game". Even with Grossman playing like crap the Lions are tamed easily.

Skins (5-9) vs Rams (6-8)
DC playing halfway decently lately topple Rams by a touchdown.

Ravens (11-3) vs Steelers (7-7)
After "should have worn a helmet" had the most schizo season evah, they are simply no match for the Ravens who seem to be Superbowl bound.

Pats (10-4) vs Jags (8-6)
Jags defense has been a monster as of late. Brady looks a bit shaky behind center the past couple of weeks. Okay this is the upset, Jags maul the Pats offense and come up a winner in a squeaker.

Colts (11-3) vs Texans (4-10)
Colts play a full game contact scrimmage and leave the Texans sorry and bleeding.

Sunday 4PM
Cards (4-10) vs 49ers (6-8)
The improved 49ers versus the unluckiest team in the league. Look for their luck to change, like it matters, as they upset and put the nail into the coffin of San Fran's minuscule playoff hopes.

Chargers (12-2) vs Seahawks (8-6)
Along with the Ravens the Chargers are looking Superbowl. The one thing Baltimore doesn't have is two letters L.T. Chargers in a walk.

Bengals (8-6) vs Broncos (8-6)
So much rides on this for both teams, making this one of the most interesting match-ups this week. A pick em if ever there was one, but I am going with Cinci by a field goal.

Monday 5 PM
Eagles (8-6) vs Cowboys (9-5)
While Tuna has done a lot with the 'Boys this year the Eagles have won three in a row and Monday makes it four. Romo goes rookie and T.O. is double teamed into irrelevancy.

Monday 8:30 PM
Jets (8-6) vs Fins (6-8)
I shouldn't be allowed to pick this game, I am a Jet fan. One part of me says Pennington throws the game of his career in this one. The other side says remember all the heartbreaks, Jets will collapse. Okay I am going down the middle. Pennington skewers the somewhat resurgent Dolphins and that sets me up for the BIG LOSS next week.

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