Friday, January 12, 2007

Divisional Playoffs Weekend

The road to the Superbowl XLI continues. There are some good games on tap with the highlight being in the AFC as Manning take on the Baltimore defense and New England tries to contain the force of nature that is LaDainian Tomlinson.

Saturday, Jan. 13
Indianapolis at Baltimore 4:30 pm CBS
Baltimore buzzsaws the Indy O-line and forces Peyton into an interception bonanza.
Pick: Baltimore

Philadelphia at New Orleans 8:00 pm FOX
Garcia has been phenomenal this season, however NOLA is at home and they have Brees, Bush, and DEUUUUUCE! Look for a tough battle, but the Saints will go marching into the next round of the playoffs.
Pick: New Orleans

Sunday, Jan. 14
Seattle at Chicago 1:00 pm FOX
The questions surrounding Hasselbeck are nothing compared to Lovie Smith's problems at QB. Griese or Grossman? Is there a third option? I don't see either one able to execute, even against a banged up Seattle secondary. The tipping point will be, can Hasselbeck return to form and perform against the Bears superior "D". I say yes, and go with a minor upset in an extremely close and maybe a snoozer of a game.
Pick: Seattle

New England at San Diego 4:30 pm CBS
Can the balanced New England attack keep up with #21? Well New England is a bit banged up in several key places, most notably Brady, who is nursing a shoulder injury. NE's secondary and D-line is also hurting, and that is bad news when you have to keep LT contained at the corners and stuffed up the middle. It'll be a close and exciting game, probably the best this weekend, but the Chargers move on to the Conference and the Pats go home.
Pick: San Diego


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