Wednesday, January 10, 2007

WIldcard Weekend In Review

Saturday, Jan. 6
Kansas City 8 Indianapolis 23 4:30 pm, NBC
Green looked horrible (14-24, 107) and Manning flung the ball all over the field going 30-38 (268yds) and Indy's pourous run defense stepped up and kept Johnson in check by allowing him only 32 yds rushing.
Pick: Indianapolis

Dallas 20 Seattle 21 8:00 pm, NBC
A wild game with an even wilder ending. Romo played better than I thought 17-29, 189, and almost wore the heroes halo. However the K-ball controversy steams up and a battered and bruised Seattle moves on to the Divisional round.
Pick: Seattle

Sunday, Jan. 7
N.Y. Jets 16 New England 37 1:00 pm, CBS
Oh sweet damn I shouldn't HAVE touched this game with a ten foot pole. This is what happens when you pick with your heart and not your head.
Pick: New York Jets (WRONG)

N.Y. Giants 20 at Philadelphia 23 4:30 pm, FOX
end a disappointing season with a heartbreaker of a loss.
Pick: Philadelphia

Okay so here's the tally Wild card weekend record (3-1). Coming soon Divisional Playoff analysis and picks.


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