Friday, January 05, 2007

Watch Out For Falling Neo-Cons!

In another White House shuffling of deck chairs, John "Death Squad" Negroponte was the latest neo-con to fall from grace into some deputy position. The former intelligence head, becomes, "ABRACADABRA!" deputy Secretary of State. A serious demotion. However Negroponte called this move "an opportunity of a lifetime."
(cough) BULLSHIT! (cough)

The Washington Post headlines this article "Negroponte Stepping Aside". Run out on a rail might be more accurate.

Replacing Negroponte is Mike McConnell who served as NSA chief 1992-1996. A Clinton appointee and apparently loved by Snarlin' Arlen Specter.

Excerpt from the Congressional Record dated February 29, 1996:
"Mr. President, I close by stating that everyone who calls this great Nation home owed a debt of gratitude to Vice Admiral McConnell. He has quietly, yet dutifully, served the Nation during four different decades and under seven different Commanders in Chief. Those of us who have been fortunate enough to know him personally can attest to his dedication, peerless integrity, and unwavering loyalty to this Nation. It is with a sense of great pride and honor that I salute Vice Adm. Mike McConnell. "
While the website this interview is on seems more like some tin foil hat wearing "Yellow Peril" nut job, it does contain a past interview with the nominee: Softwar & The Admiral. Overall McConnell is a shoe in, he is actually qualified for the job, which is no small feat for this administration.

He is also a politically safe pick as well. he will get the "DEMOCRATIC MAJORITY" (sorry I love typing that) having served under Clinton and garners much respect from the Republican side of the aisle as well. The nomination of the Admiral is further evidence that this administration's neo-con delusions are toasted. This is a Poppy Bush's "save my family name" pick if ever there was one.

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