Saturday, April 28, 2007

I Forgot About Them Until......

Ah the 90's! L'Amour's rock club in Brooklyn, teased hair, nail polish, eye liner.... AND THOSE WERE THE GUYS! If I had a nickle for every Jani Lane jacket and Poison look-alike I almost mistook for a girl... well I would have a lot more time to blog cause I'd be rich.

Collectively this group of rock fans became known as poseurs. This vid below came near the end of that fashion and musical train crash.

These four girls barreled through the 90's rock scene like a runaway train. They rocked hard and partied harder. They were brash, loud, and as for the four lady leads hot as all get out. They were sexy, they wore leather, cutoffs, and loads of "F*ck" me red lipstick.

Ladies and Gentleman may I present for your musical and visual pleasure: THE CYCLE SLUTS FROM HELL!!!!!

Hit there website here.

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