Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A LHC Exclusive!!!!!

Many who saw this live on CSPAN or saw it later on Olbermann felt the same disquieting feeling in their stomachs. There lurking in the woods, for no apparent reason, was Cheney. Was he working the remote? Practicing to be an extra in the Sopranos, for the stalker sub-plot? Did he have a senior moment and just randomly walk out onto the lawn? Did he remember to wear pants?

No friends their was a darker more sinister motive at hand. We here at Left Handed Compliment are now able to reveal that dark purpose.

When we zoomed in on the picture and hovered over where Cheney was hiding, amongst the shrubbery, here is what we found!

Disturbing? Yes. Somehow we should have known all along.

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