Saturday, April 07, 2007

Why is This Important?

The answer is: Its NOT! NOT! NOT!
Romney defends lack of hunting license
By Glen Johnson, Associated Press Writer | April 7, 2007

BOSTON --Officials in the four states where Mitt Romney has lived say the Republican presidential contender, who calls himself a lifelong hunter, never took out a license.

Romney says that's because he has seldom hunted where he needed one.

Questions about his hunting activities trailed Romney this week after he remarked at a campaign stop that he has been a hunter nearly all his life. The next day, his campaign said Romney had been hunting only twice, once as a teenager in Idaho and again last year with GOP donors in Georgia.
Mitt, outside of his name, has bigger problems than this. His flip-flopping, defenders would say evolving, positions on social issues far out way whether it is Wabbit Season or Duck Season.

This non-issue is just more fuel for the Wicker Man type bonfire that the 2008 Republican presidential campaign is collapsing into. They have reached the through any shit you can find, see if it sticks, because "Big Love" has almost out raised "Il Duce" and "St. John" by double.

Next scandal Huckabee wears white past Labor Day.

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