Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Tony Snow you are an inconsiderate asshole

Maybe you should go back to taking your chemo and leave the poor residents of Greensburg, Kansas alone. And I actually kind of felt sorry for you when I heard your diagnosis.

Governor Sebelius is concerned because of the huge cleanup that faces this small town because of the tornado. She tells the press that:

"I don’t think there is any question if you are missing trucks, Humvees and helicopters that the response is going to be slower,” Sebelius said. “The real victims here will be the residents of Greensburg, because the recovery will be at a slower pace.”

No offense sweetie, but have you seen New Orleans lately, doesn't really look like a thriving metropolis and that was almost 2 years ago. if you actually think that you are going to get ANY help, dream on. See the link to which Snow replies to this.

And Bush is only going there tomorrow, gee I wonder what this sounds like (Katrina, hello).

I guess being a Democratic governor gets you shit in this world, huh?

Hmm. New Orleans and the Gulf Coast, Kansas, I wonder how FEMA will handle all of this mess?
Wait wait let's have another photo op of the moron with a group of dancers, that will make everyone forget about what happened!

But yes, we arer winning the war in Iraq.
And the people of Greenburg will be in squalor with nothing left for them to call home.

Thnaks Georgie, to sending all of their equipment away so you can conquer the war on terror. Asshole.

Thanks Georgie, you deserve to have a bullet through your head, incapacitating you to the point that you are a vegetable. Maybe then you will see the error of youre ways.

Wait, you're there already, what am i talking about?

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